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About Us

Hi there, welcome to Bizzy Mummy! We are KLite moms who always put our family first but still enjoy pampering ourselves with good mummy time and mummy products! We love our kids wholeheartedly but let's have some mummy time to stay as super mummy! XOXO

Our History

We are two sisters who subsequently became mother ourselves. During pregnancy and breastfeeding period, we always searching for maternity & nursing wear that are stylish yet comfortable at the same time. We noticed there are very few options in the market for stylish nursing wear, especially the ones with cotton-based material (because we love cotton!).

When we were kids, we always noticed our mom will always wear something nice and even ironed her clothes at home. One day, we asked her, "why do you wear pretty and nice clothes at home? Wouldn't it be easier if you just wear shirts?"

Her response was: "I want to look good for my family. Not strangers"

We were stunned and realized that family is ALWAYS our priority. Even in the sense of getting-pretty-hierarchy. 

Lets be pretty at home mommies!

Our Products

Bizzy Mummy's maternity and nursing wear is made with mother's needs in mind. It is carefully designed to fulfill mummy's need while managing housework and nurturing the children at the same time. It is made from cotton and cotton lycra to ensure comfort yet stretchable feel when worn. Each of our maternity & nursing wear is designed from scratch to maintain the exclusiveness. Other special features are quick nursing access (just flip and nurse) and two side pockets-because we know mothers will always need an extra hand!

Thank you for visiting Bizzy Mummy. We wish you have an enjoyable time browsing and buying our products. You will not be disappointed. Happy Shopping!